Eating Healthy is Easy with This Appliance

When my sister told me that she still ate french fries while she was losing weight, I asked her what her secret was. I had never heard of a diet that included french fries and actually worked, but my sister was proof that something like that existed. She told me she had looked at some Power Air Fryer reviews after hearing that they produce tasty fried foods without all of the guilt attached. I still didn’t understand, but that is just because I didn’t even know what a Power Air Fryer was.

She told me that it is a fryer for foods like chicken and fries, or anything else that you like to have fried, but it does not use oil at all. Instead, it uses air to cook it, and the taste is so much like the ones cooked in oil that it is hard to tell the difference. Continue reading “Eating Healthy is Easy with This Appliance”