Picking the Perfect Window Treatments

Picking the Perfect Window Treatments

Many of you are here because we share a common love of decorating and interior design.  Design is exciting, you can instantly change the look of your room and the energy becomes different too.  Most of us start decorating by simply moving the furniture, putting on some fresh paint and finding some artwork to personalize the space.  However a quick and easy way to change the look of the room is to change the window treatments.  Here are some ideas for picking the perfect window treatments.

Kids Bedroom

In the kid’s rooms you should start out with some blackout curtains, especially for younger kids.  In the summertime when the sun is still out long after bedtime it can make falling asleep hard for children.  You can get some blackout curtains in a contemporary styles that work for both girls and boys and they will block out the light.

Adult Rooms

There are endless options for window treatments in your room or a spare bedroom.  You can add elements of romance with silk curtains, adding elegance to the room.  You can go practical with blinds, or use some linen curtains that give a casual and relaxed atmosphere.  You can get any of these options in blackout curtains if light will keep you awake.

Living Room

The living room is where you want to go high end.  Splurge and get yourself some custom made curtains, make sure you measure to get the proper length and width for the room.  Properly hung curtains can make your room look bigger.  In the living room  you can add silk or velvet, you can add tassels or some other trim to make your curtains pop.  Layering curtains with a set of sheers looks stylish, but if your living room is where the family gathers frequently and you have little hands touching them, washable cotton might be a better choice.


Two things to keep in mind when selecting window treatments for the kitchen, first they need to be out of the way.  Kitchen curtains or blinds should not touch counter tops or appliances and be out of the way of kitchen messes.  The second thing to keep in mind is you should have plenty of natural light in the kitchen.  Use sheers, valances or roman shades, they look great and are functional.

Next time you feel like changing the look of your rooms, start with the curtains.  You can use colors to complement the décor or they can be the focal point of the room.  It’s also far less expensive than buying new furniture.